Name - Patrick D. Conner
Age - 49
Born - Muncie, Indiana
Live - Muncie, Indiana
Height - 5'11
Hair Color - Light Red/Brownish
Eye Color - Brown and Big
Birth - August 01, 1968
Family Info - Youngest of 4
Favorite Food - Steaks, No Carb Pizza, Chili-O, Salads, Chicken, Burgers /no buns
Status - Single........
Kids - Nope
My free time is spent - Working on Car, Shopping and Computers, Drone Flying
Pet Peeves - People that are 2 faced or just are Idiots
Favorite TV - Madam Secretary - Blindspot - iZombie - The Player - Empire
Work - Information Technology for a National Company
Car - 2016 Toyota Prius
Things I want to change - Stop being so Negative - Be more Confident
Sports - Colts and Seahawks and the Paces and Drone Flying
Why I have my website......
Well, I love sharing my life. I am very open and love to show people what can be
done with technology. I also love knowing that I am gaining friendships all over the
world and that everyone "I think" likes my site.  I have gained some great friends
via my website and I only hope it continues.